Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why did the red squirrel cross the road?

Because a quarter of his habitat was destroyed by a wildfire back in 2000. Or perhaps the declining population of his peers left him lonesome. Or because he was trying to keep his buddy from becoming road kill. Ugh.

It is no secret that we here at JustSaying are for squirrels. Red ones. Gray ones. Brown ones. Black ones. Even the dirty little ones living in our nation's capitol. So when the news stations started reporting about the proposed $1.25 million dollar budget for 41 squirrel bridges - to help the endangered Mount Graham red squirrel population cross streets safely in southeast Arizona - we were thrilled (despite the criticism). But as usual, the citizens of Arizona are only concerned about their own kind and made a big enough fuss about what they deemed an improper allocation of resources to get the project cancelled.

The bridge would have helped save at least five squirrels a year. Five may not sound like many but with a dwindling 250 left, the lives of a few yearly could help the species numbers multiply significantly over the next few decades. Hear all about it in this video:

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Deborah said...

Did I mention that I think squirrel bridges should be as standard in newly developed areas as storm water ponds? Cause I do. JSing.