Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a tough one for me...

As a spokesperson for squirrels (red, gray or brown) I am having a difficult time endorsing the "Save a red, eat a gray!" campaign taking place to help Britain's Red Squirrels. However, the gray squirrels are technically an invasive species from North America, I do encourage omnivores who hunt and consume wild game, and I'm a long time Beatrix Potter fan so... I suppose I'll just report the facts. And the fact is, gray squirrels may be the new hip cuisine in the UK.

Find the NY Times article that inspired this post here in their Dining & Wine section. Ugh. And for a blog post and collection of comments that earns a Double Ugh from me, check this out (and yes, the squirrel photo on the post is little Jeffrey from a previous JS post)

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