Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i heart squirrels

After seeing my recent post about squirrels and acorn shortages, a friend reminded me of an encounter I had with some squirrels in the park behind the White House last year. Lucky for you all... I located the pictures. Please note that:

a) I've already taken a lot of heat for "letting that germy, rabid-looking thing" near me, let alone on me
b) I do not suggest letting random squirrels climb on people and only did so because the poor thing was some sort of squirrel-rat hybrid with a saber tooth (I'm making it worse, aren't I?) and needed help breaking the peanut in two
c) Had I known about this meeting in advance, I would have brought gourmet nuts instead of the peanut MnMs, which I don't leave home without, and removed the potentially-toxic-to-squirrels chocolate shell


This Is Allan said...

i don't know. squirrels are pretty tough cookies. when i was at towson, i saw one literally drag a PB&J sandwich up a tree, and then proceed to sit on a branch and get down to business.

blog admin. said...

Yes yes, Allan. Generally they are tough little creatures. The particular squirrel I was hand feeding, however, suffered from an overgrown tooth that got in the way of typical squirrel nut-cracking abilities. Ignored all the, "good grief, Deb, that thing is rabid!" comments and brought the little bugger home and to a dentist like I wanted to.