Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The science behind this genetically engineered Canadian pig with earth-friendly poop is a little bit beyond the average bear's understanding but I think a lot of folks are aware that growing amounts of high-phosphorus animal waste flowing into our water systems is a big problem for aquatic life. It creates "Dead Zones."

In an ideal world, all the earth's pigs would enjoy a regular pig diet - one sans corn and grains - and there wouldn't be a huge phosphorus problem to solve. But Americans like to have their bacon and eat it too so I suppose if this little piggy makes poop with 65% less phosphorus than usual we should embrace the Enviropig.


"...The researchers who created the Enviropig say it’s not just eco-friendly, but it also cut farmers’ feed-supplement costs. If the pigs eventually become common, they could also help U.S. farmers comply with “zero discharge” rules that forbid pork producers from releasing nitrogen or phosphorus runoff... The Enviropigs will be raised only in controlled research settings in Canada for now, and experts say transgenic pork won’t be landing on your plate anytime soon; the new biotech pig will face years of safety trials to see if it should be approved for commercial production and consumption in the United States and Canada. No transgenic animal has been approved for consumption as of yet..."

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Was not aware of the high-phosphorus animal waste flowing into water systems issue. Informative. LM