Saturday, January 30, 2010

State of the Mooooooooonion

So apparently the Great Recession has shrunk the U.S. cattle herd to its smallest size since 1958 but fear not, meatatarians. According to Jim Robb, the director of the Denver-based Livestock Marketing Information Center, an industry and government-funded researcher (hmmmm...), there will still be plenty of beef to go around. "We're forecasting that beef production in 2010 won’t be the smallest since 1958, because the average animal processed now weighs twice as much,” he told Business Week. That's right, folks. The weight of an average catle for slaughter has doubled in the last fifty years.

Read all about the state of the meat and dairy industries - and the corn industry that they rely on - here.

(What you see in the photograph accompanyng this post is a revolving platform at a dairy "farm." It was this image or one of a slaughter house so enjoy the lesser of two evils.)


Anonymous said...

double the weight, double the methane gas released..... slaughter em all and do the plant a favor

Deborah said...

So you're willing to trade dairy for meat?

Anonymous said...


im sayin lose the cows... plenty of other sources for things provided by them, turkey burgers, goats milk....etc

not really sure what your sayin bout trading dairy for meat