Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guest (Com)Poster

I received a great message in my inbox last night and absolutely have to share it. It comes from David Wase, president of Metropolitan Gallery and gardener extraordinaire.

News Release

Arlington, VA 10/02/2009 7:57 p.m.

Another giant step for bacteria! The Wases of 7th St South announce the inception of a new composter at their mini-micro, sub-atomic sized farm in South Arlington. Utilizing the vegetative remains from human sustenance including coffee grounds, vegetables, a modest contribution from the office cellulose shredder and carefully selected organic contributions from garden cuttings, the Wases' expect a biotic enhancement of significant proportions. This action was taken in recognition of the need to reduce biomass contributions to landfills and deal with the heavy and compacted clay-based soil structure of the (extremely) limited tillable area available at the mini micro farm. The compost production equipment is based on a standard trash container modified to accomplish rapid and complete breakdown- (a process that was tried by ex-spouses but never achieved). The resulting "black gold" will be added to the Wase's vegetable gardens to further enhance their nutrient and water-retention capabilities as well as contribute significantly to soil health and guilt-free gardening.

May all our organics RIP (recycle in peace) !

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becky said...

cute story ;)