Friday, October 2, 2009

Adventures in the Clover

Those of you who are not only readers but are also regular visitors to the Clover (aka: the house) may have met Judee but for those of you who aren't, let me tell you about the sweetest little sparrow who has made herself welcome in my home and heart.

I first discovered Judee a little more than a month ago when she failed to fly away during my dog's daily squirrel surveillance around the bird feeder. Unlike the rest of the feathered brood, she opted to hop/flutter/flail away rather pathetically and even then didn't go far. As the cardinals and chickadees came and went, Judee was never more than 50 feet from the house. She appears to have a problematic wing and while she can get off the ground, she can't sustain flight too long. Surprisingly, early encounters with the dog didn't even seem to bother her. Unable to fly up and away, she simply learned that Jack (the dog) couldn't squeeze under a car so that became a safe and easy refuge. And over time, Jack seems to have learned that he isn't going to catch her and has lost interest in trying.

For the last week or two, I've noticed that Judee has made herself at home in the dense ground-cover between the front door and the feeder and has been singing and enjoying a daily bath in what used to be Jack's outdoor water dish. This morning, however, she has taken her residence a step further. She hopped right into the house.

I so wish I had a video camera handy to capture the expression on Jack's face when they crossed paths at the door - him heading out, her heading in. While I realize that she can't stay forever and that creating a "birdie door" (in hopes she will learn she is welcome to come and go as she pleases) may not fly with the homeowners association, I certainly didn't mind the visit.

My research indicates that Judee is a relative of the Weaver Finch Family and although I am not sure what that means, it may explain why I have been calling her a "fantastically friendly finch" for the last month. I'll try and get some snapshots of Judee up here on JustSaying soon.


becky said...

is birdie-friend still in your house?

Deborah said...

Birdie Frieeeend :-)

She left that same day (unfortunately) but is always close by. Hangs out under the bird feeder where some seeds fall from squirrel friends.

Anonymous said...

how can we fix Judee'w wing??? Poor baby...