Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bringin' Biking Back

I really wish I made that guy down the street a better offer on the adult tricycle. And moved to Europe with it. Because folks in Germany appear to be motivated not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but to improve their quality of life as they move towards "car free," sustainable communities (like Piney Orchard surely would have become if I had shelled out the extra $100 for those wheels). The NY Times reports:

Vauban, [Germany] home to 5,500 residents within a rectangular square mile, may be the most advanced experiment in low-car suburban life. But its basic precepts are being adopted around the world in attempts to make suburbs more compact and more accessible to public transportation, with less space for parking. In this new approach, stores are placed a walk away, on a main street, rather than in malls along some distant highway.


Anonymous said...

cool bike, I could take this around centennial lake and put baxter in one of the side baskets!!

Anonymous said...

the anonymous is moma D