Wednesday, May 13, 2009

B'more welcomes MP!!

As you may suspect, I have known about Michael Pollan's upcoming lecture at the Enoch Pratt Library for weeks and have been, well, over the moon about it. Now, as the exciting day approaches, The Baltimore Sun's Rob Kasper has had the pleasure of a phone interview with Mr. Pollan and reports on the event and Pollan's research, writing, and advice like "meatless Monday's" in today's article found here. For those of you who have not already heard about the teachings of Michael Pollan over the course of meals with yours truly, here is an excerpt from Kasper's article highlighting some key Pollan principles:

A sampling of Michael Pollan's rules of how to eat well:

• Avoid food products that contain ingredients that are unfamiliar, unpronounceable, more than five in number or include high-fructose corn syrup.

• Avoid products that make health claims.

• Shop in the peripheries of the supermarket, where the fresh food is; avoid the middle, where processed food resides.

• Eat meals, not snacks.

• Eat plants, especially leaves.

• Don't get your fuel from the same place as your car gets its gas.

• Eat slowly, at a table, and try not to eat alone.


Cid73 said...

Now, about that woodchuck he tried to firebomb to keep him out of the garden...

I seriously understand because we have deer who roam at night and eat our vegetation. Gardening is a challenge.

Am definitely in favor of starting with meatless Mondays, which hopefully will turn into meatless Tuesdays, which will turn into...well, you get my drift.

I hope we'll get a report about the lecture.

Deborah said...

You know I will!