Thursday, April 30, 2009

speaking of proud...

Guess what's starting to bloom?!

At least eleven picture-perfect peonies to come!


becky said...

ever notice how much stronger a plant is when it grows itself (as opposed to being bought and planted)js

Deborah said...

Seriously. That is so true. I read a ton about peony planting and was sure to put them in the ground at the precise time of year in our region that would allow for the strongest root systems. So far so good. But back to what you were saying, I've bought a "blooming" peony plant before and witnessed what a transplant can do to would-be blooms.

jeanie said...

Those peonies, look really healthy, I will let you know what kind I end up with. Do they come in lots of colors??

Are they also like hydraneas where they respond better to acidic soil or not??

have a great day!