Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quite proud of myself right now...

In the most recent installment of Martha Rose Shulman's online series for The New York Times, “Recipes for Health,” she suggests 12 staple foods for a healthy pantry. I stock all 12 as well as most of the other suggestions/options and while I know this is one of a googleplex of published opinions on the topic, I can't help but feel good about my choices. Here is Shulman's list:

Romaine lettuce
1 or 2 green vegetables
Extra virgin olive oil
Rice (or another grain)
Canned tomatoes
Parmesan cheese
Canned chickpeas

Other options: Canned tuna, Firm tofu, Dijon mustard, Plain organic yogurt, Good whole grain bread, Corn tortillas, Nuts (such as walnuts and almonds), Fruit: berries, bananas, citrus, apples

Anything you would add? I'd say some frozen veggies, raisins, dried fruit, and granola. There are lots of other great suggestions in the reader comments too.


Cid73 said...

Don't forget whole oats. I like to throw (not sling) a handful, uncooked, into my bowl of organic cereal flakes, dried fruit, walnuts, and organic milk for a breakfast that includes all you need to break that overnight fast. The mixture of textures is also an appetite and hunger satisfier throughout the morning.

Deborah said...

Great tip, Cid73. Thanks!