Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cheap and healthy eats

The supposed higher cost of eating healthy is perhaps the most common objection I face on those rare occasions in which I, eh hem, preach against the anti-food packaged aisles of the grocers. Thankfully, a great post (via Brie Cadman) recently appeared on Divine Caroline listing 20 healthy foods for under a dollar (the dollar getting you at least a few servings). As you would expect, the focus is on fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy, and bulk grains. Definitely check it out here for details or find the 20 picks below.

1.) Oats
2.) Eggs
3.) Kale
4.) Potatoes
5.) Apples
6.) Nuts
7.) Bananas
8.) Garbanzo Beans
9.) Broccoli
10.) Watermelon
11.) Wild Rice
12.) Beets
13.) Butternut Squash
14.) Whole Grain Pasta
15.) Sardines
16.) Spinach
17.) Tofu
18.) Low Fat Milk
19.) Pumpkin Seeds
20.) Coffee

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