Friday, December 5, 2008


My girl emailed me about this site, vegnews, that just launched on December 1st, after a year in the making and I'm lovin' it. Unlike a lot of "green" sites popping up these days, it isn't about the coolest new overpriced product made from recycled materials. It reads just like their magazine and offers a great gathering of news and ideas. The magazine was named "Best Lifestyle Magazine" this year, "Best Niche Magazine" in 2007, and #18 on the Chicago Tribune's Top 50 Magazines in 2006 so... just saying... it's definitely "add to favorites" worthy.

(thnx Kara)


Becky said...

So Vegnews is the new "Cosmo" :)

blog admin. said...

Indeed! How to please your vegetarian man! What meatatarians did was uncool. haha