Thursday, December 18, 2008

this is rare...

...I disagree with the TierneyLab.

In his most recent post, John Tierney shared his thoughts on the West Virginia school teacher who encouraged/supported her second-grade students to fight to keep their schools recycling program alive. Those thoughts are that this was wasteful and that they should have been doing something more profound with that time. I'm not kidding. He feels they should be learning "about markets and about the long-term tendency of prices of natural resources to fall while the cost of people’s time rises."

He goes on:

"Instead, the students are being taught that saving resources is more important than saving human time, and that recycling is such a righteous activity that it deserves to continue even when it costs money and time to do it. That may be a popular belief, but that’s all it is, a belief. I’ve always thought of recycling as essentially a religious sacrament –a fine activity if pursued voluntarily, but not something that should be mandated or taught in public schools."

Okay kids, true or false:

Saving human time is more important than saving resources ___
Recycling is only for the righteous ___
If you believe in recycling you can bet you're to blame for this sh*t economy ___

Check out the entire post here. I encourage you to read the comments in response to the post as well. I understand and admire the bigger argument that is going on here but... we are talking about second-graders... I'm pretty sure they are around seven years old... just saying...

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