Saturday, December 20, 2008

more on urban farming

In a basement deep below Tokyo's financial district, an experiment in urban underground farming has not only generated employment, but it has piqued interest in new methods of farming and local pesticide-free crops.

In a region largely dependent on imports for food, LEDs, RGB LEDs, high frequency flourescent lamps, hydroponics, metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium vapor lamps cultivate herbs, flowers, shelf rice, fruits, vegetables and to germinate seedlings. Of course Tokyo and the Pasona Group aren't the only ones active in this practice. traces it's principles and roots back to WWII when 20 million Americans planted victory gardens that in turn grew 40% of this nations food supply. As environmental concerns become a larger and larger part of our daily lives, urban farming techniques continue to evolve. Definitely an industry, so to speak, worth following.

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