Thursday, December 11, 2008

Longwood Gardens Embraces LEDs

Since my first visit to Longwood Gardens back in 2003, I have been nagging friends and family to take the trip up there. Now, it seems that my efforts may have to intensify as I just read that they've have switched 80 percent of their holiday lights to LEDs and that, my friends, means the pros are embracing the eco-friendly so we've got to be supportive!

Growing up with a father who is a pioneer in the field of florescence, I had the luxury of learning about light emitting diodes long before they hit the flashlight key chain market. What I didn't always know though, is how energy efficient they are - using only a fraction of the electricity of that of incandescent lights. In the past few years, the safer, longer lasting, eco-friendly LED holiday lights are flying off the shelves - even though they are a tad pricier.

Read all about them in this article, originally from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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