Thursday, December 11, 2008

lobster prices even lower

As discussed in an August post, Daniel Gross wrote an interesting piece for Slate about the seemingly bargain price (economic and environmental) of lobster, particularly in Maine, siting the following reasons:

- Lobstermen don't pay for fertilizer or feed. Just gas for their boats.
- Short supply chain. Lobsters aren't distributed on a global scale; they move from traps to dockside tanks to either the home cooks or restaurants.
- Melted butter side dish is inexpensive.
- "Distributors seeking to maintain their margins are cramming down the fishermen and with limited local outlets, lobstermen can't hold out for higher prices."

This week, the NY Times' Melissa Clark weighs in about seizing the sale and enjoying a luxurious lobster dish at a bargain price. I certainly didn't enjoy the bit about "humane" lobster killing because, well, death by freezing, stabbing or boiling all sound pretty horrific but its a quick and clever read citing a few books I am fond of. Find it here.

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