Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orson Scott Card addresses daily newspapers

I truly do try to avoid getting too deep into politics on the blog but with the election so near, it is hard to keep myself from sharing something like this. Science Fiction and Political writer, Orson Scott Card, writes an open letter addressed to the local daily newspapers criticising their coverage of the current financial crisis. Basically, he pins the financial crisis on the Democrats and points out how scandalous certain occurrences would be considered had they involved McCain. What makes the piece even more important, at least to me, is that Card is a Democrat and newspaper columnist himself. Absolutely a must read.

Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights? By Orson Scott Card


Becky said...

Interesting article, thanks for posting.

n. maranto said...

Card wrote one good book (Ender's Game), and he's been something of a Mormon propaganda nut since then. A few months ago I believe he advocated an armed uprising if the gay marriage amendment is passed in California. There are also people who believe (with a fair amount of evidence) that the Ender's Game is a thinly veiled apologia for Hitler's actions, but that's neither here nor there.

And it doesn't change the fact that it's a great book.

So, yeah, Orson Scott Card can be safely ignored on almost any subject, in my opinion.

deborah said...

Oh boy... I loved Enders Game and had no idea about this possible Hitler tie-in. Ugh. I'm reading Xenocide now. Read Speaker for the Dead last month. I'll admit that each book gets a little more... out there. I'd love to read some N. Maranto sci-fi next!

deborah said...

Oh and one other thing... Card is anti-gay marraige?? What about marrying a sister? I have gotten an odd feeling about Ender and Valentine's special connection.

n. maranto said...

Even though he hates his brother, you know Ender secretly loves the abuse. He's a twisted little monkey. Secret sadomasochistic love for his brother, not so secret love for his sister.

I tried to read Speaker for the Dead right after I finished Ender's Game years and years ago. It just wasn't the same for me. I couldn't get in to it at all. But I still read Ender's Game every other year or so.

n. maranto said...

Here's the article about Ender, Card and Hitler (among other things).

deborah said...

On another note, Obama is leading McCain almost 3-1 in newspaper endorsements.

OBAMA: 127 daily newspaper endorsements; 13.9 million in daily circulation

MCCAIN: 49 daily newspaper endorsements; 3.9 million in daily circulation

"He who controls the media, controls the people"