Friday, October 24, 2008


Locasexual. That's right. A concept and term so hip and so green that the Urban Dictionary hasn't even defined it yet. In Barron YoungSmith's latest article in Slate, Date Local: The case against long-distance relationships, he makes an interesting observation about and those folks on the green scene in long distance relationships whose romantic travels can be emitting a lot more greenhouse gas than the average American.

Through a series of calculations about San Fransisco to DC love, NYC to DC love, and all the single people over the age of 17 who may be in long distance relationships, YoungSmith sort of backs up his statement that, for the first example, "...breaking up would be about 10 times better for the environment than going vegetarian."

It's a fun and clever article that, I assume, is intended to poke fun at the local food movement. From the article:

"Date Local's message is a simple one, in the best traditions of liberal reform. All you have to do is date here. Date now. Date sustainably. And if you absolutely have to date long-distance, do it via Amtrak."

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