Monday, September 15, 2008

Talking potatoes

I had the pleasure of partaking in and attending a beautiful wedding this weekend. Congrats again Tina and Nick. It was such a lovely wedding.

But of course, I couldn't let the whole weekend pass without some talk of plants or global warming so today I just want to do a brief post about potatoes because they were the focus of a rehearsal dinner conversation.

In Kingsolver's book that I recently posted about, she writes about how so many of us are unable to identify a root vegetable during growth, specifically a potato plant. And by "many of us," I mean me. Had I not recently read about the beautiful blooms on the plant portion of a potato, I may have looked rather foolish when the groom's brother and best man, Mitchell Panati, was telling me about the beautiful potato farms that span the landscape of his home in Maine. The praise with which he described the landscape led me to activate the Google machine and find some pics. Check them out above and below. Would you recognize them as potato plants?

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