Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Underground restaurants

The NY Times published an article about this underground restaurant movement that encourages a connection with your food unavailable in traditional restaurant settings. There is an appreciation of food here that reminds me a bit of the Slow Food movement.

There's a good amount of the meat mentioned in the article. I'm not a meat-eater myself, mainly for environmental reasons though, so I am pleased to read that this kind of interactive approach to that portion of a meal is catching on... like people are earning their share of meat instead of it arriving from who-knows-where, perfectly cut, seasoned and cooked on a plate. (Why do I have the feeling my sister and bro-in-law are going to make me regret typing that last sentence?? Meatatarians.)

Check out the article:
Dining & Wine
The Anti-Restaurants
Published: August 27, 2008

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Meatatarian sister said...

Connection with food? can't it just be yummy? I am proof that you can both love farm animals as pets (cute aminals w/ personalities)and as dinner. js.