Thursday, August 28, 2008

Energizing exercise!

The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon promises to recapture energy from exercise machines and create electricity. And that's not all. Their energy efficient treadmills by SportsArt EcoPowr use 30% less electricity than others while Team Dynamo and Spin Bikes generate up to 750 watts per hour. How cool is that?! Spinning with a bigger purpose.

The gym is working on ways to capture excess energy from the elliptical machines.

The facility itself is, of course, also green. Solar panels on top (generating over 3 Kilowatts per hour) and recycled rubber, marmoleum, and eco-friendly cork flooring. EnergyStar ceiling fans and compact fluorescent lights are member controlled. LCD televisions use less electricity than plasma screens. And in the locker room: double flush toilets, non-toxic soaps and cleaning supplies, paper towels and seat covers made from recycled content.

Locally owned and designed by Adam Boesel (generating electricity in the photo), the gym offers members a way to help themselves and help the environment without sacrificing any amenities. From the website:

"By generating electricity and conserving space and energy, The Green Microgym will be one of the only fitness facilities in the world running on its own power. We're starting a gym in Portland, Oregon that uses a combination of solar and human power and is just as comfortable and effective as any other gym."

For more info about this gym and their equipment, visit:

Not surprisingly, the equipment is pricey right now. Hopefully some big chains will integrate practices like these in the near future. I think I'd work a lot harder on the bike if I were contributing to something bigger than myself.

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