Monday, October 3, 2011

Flower-Based Ice Cream

Derived from lupine seeds, Lupinesse is a cholesterol-free, non-dairy, flower-based ice cream that is good for you and good for our soil. 

The ice cream, created and released by the Fraunhofer Labs in Germany, contains no dairy, gluten, or animal fats. The high-protein seed from which it is derived not only helps to create a creamy consistency, but also has cholesterol-regulating effects. And just in case that isn't enough to get you to put in a request at your local grocer, the plant itself - known in Europe as the "soybean of the north" - has nitrogen-binding roots so growing it can improve soil quality! 
I encourage all our vegan, lactose Intolerant and/or ice cream-loving readers to read more here.

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Deborah said...

Did I mention that Lupine, a now-rare native plant, can be found in Odenton - specifically in Piney Orchard? Pretty cool. Although I am not entirely convinced the population is unrelated to seeds my mom brought back from Maine.