Thursday, August 4, 2011

Urban Tree Benefits

  • Trees provide climate control year round. In the spring and summer, they cool the air through transpiration, and shade sidewalks and streets.
  • Year round, trees help prevent soil erosion, provide wildlife habitats, and reduce noise, glare and particulates in the air.
  • A single acre of trees absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and produces four tons of oxygen (which is enough for 18 people).
  • Trees make property more valuable!
  • There are psychological and social benefits of being around trees in terms of health and welfare, stress reduction, reduced crime, and even higher test scores.

In light of recent controversy regarding the removal of trees in and around Baltimore City for the upcoming Grand Prix, this seemed like a good time to put highlight urban tree benefits, direct readers to my favorite Tree Benefit Calculator, and suggest that all you tree-huggers stop into and sign the petition to halt any further tree removal. As I promised on Facebook last night, I will continue to post benefits until this matter is resolved.

(Special thanks to Ken Ingram, who calculated the benefit of the pictured Willow Oak and has given me a greater, more educated understanding of them.)

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