Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Will Stink Bugs Meet Their Match?

"If 1 in 10 people had stink bugs in 2010, 9 in 10 people will have them in 2011." - Michael Raupp, Entomologist, University of Maryland.

Is the answer to one invasive species, another invasive species? USDA researchers think so. The potential predators, parasitic wasps from Asia, are being raised in quarantine in a lab in Delaware and appear to be killing off 80 percent of the little stinkers. If the wasps are proven effective and selective in their embryo destruction, researchers are hopefully they will be released in 2013. Read the entire Baltimore Sun article on stink bug research updates here.


becky said...

i'm all for fighting the stink bugs...but i don't really want MORE bugs. thanks for the link to the article, good to know "they" are working on this

Deborah said...

I mean... I suppose it is better than blasting the area with insecticides but yeah... as someone said in the comments: then we will have to bring in lizards or frogs to eat the wasps. I love lizards and frogs though ;-)