Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring March of the Stink Bugs!

These last few days of warm weather have been lovely, but for many Marylanders the warm sunshine has brought an increase in brown marmorated stink bug sightings along with it. And the more we see, the stranger the places they tend to pop up. My sister came upon one resting confidently under the shampoo cap during a morning shower. I've heard stories of 'em hitchhiking on vehicles for hours, crawling into beds, and surviving spin cycles - but perhaps the most heebie-jeebie inducing is mentioned in a recent post by Frank Roylance, aptly titled "they're baaaack." Breakfast, anyone?


Becky said...

How is it there is no solution to this problem!?!
I was one of several people in the pesticide aisle at home depot this weekend..where an "expert" informed us that "home depot is is constant contact with the top researchers, and waiting for a solution..but NOTHING yet". According to the "expert", the pesticide that is used for bed bugs and flees seems to be effictive, but only to kill on contact, and not prevent. His main recomendation was to buy a small/cheap shop vac, line the bottom with Dawn, and suck them in. The Dawn kills them. Just Sayings probably prefers this "Green" solution :)

Deborah said...

That is a common way to manage insects - the jar with dishsoap-lined bottom. Safer considering little ones running around low to the ground (i.e. residual insecticides) also. Honestly, home/consumer used sprays for bugs are the worst danger to humans and pets, IMHO. We worry about what is used on our fruits and veggies but then spray that stuff without so much as a cloth over our nose and mouth. Just be careful. Or like I said, get some chickens.

Deborah Dramby said...

You could also make up your own spray bottle with dish soap instead of Raid or whatever contact insecticide Home Depot is suggesting. The shop vac recommendation reminds me of when Dad had that townhouse with all the crickets in the basement and that vac that plugged into the walls. I still feel bad about sucking up their carcuses with that.