Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garlic Planting at Shaw Farm

'Tis the season to get that garlic in the ground. I had the pleasure of helping Farmer Brian Hughes level beds, pin plastic insulates, and plant stiff-neck and soft-neck garlic for the Shaw Farm CSA members come spring. The soft-neck is in the bed on the left, being planted by a CSA member, Tim. The bed on the right is the stiff-neck. If you're interested in planting some garlic in your own garden, The Daily Green put up a nice How-To earlier this fall. It's getting late in the season though so... hurry!


Anonymous said...

I know some folks who love Roasted Garlic! Grid template interesting idea for planting! LM

Deborah said...

Roasted garlic = Yumtastic. I tried to plant some at home too but don't have the ground-cover (which has lasted some six seasons, according to Farmer Brian whose shadow of hard photography work is visible here haha).