Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now THIS is Brilliant

Have you ever walked by an old gumball machine and thought: Why is that machine filled up with useless cr*p made in factories in China instead of little seed and compost grenades that I could toss into that vacant lot over there to diversify the plants around here??

Me neither. But I wish I had. Am and thrilled that someone did.

Greenaid, a landscape beautification project started by the Commonstudio design firm, is doing it. They call the little eco-grenades "Seedbombs." They are packed with compost and regionally tailored seeds for wildflowers and grasses. Creators suggest chucking them into a vacant lot or cramming them into a crack in the sidewalk. Learn more here.

(Thnx again, Singleton)


Tony Dimeglio said...

Not to sure about cramming these into sidewalk cracks, but I agree with the overall function of the product... An innovative way to perpetuate biodiversity in an urban environment.

Deborah said...

I'd rather see these on sidewalks than gum!

Deborah said...