Sunday, August 15, 2010

State Fair Fare

Year after year, state fair season brings surprising "recipes" to the forefront of our favorite homepages. Fried Coca-Cola, fried bacon, and even fried butter. But this year's most surprising fried selection comes from a restaurant, American Cupcake, in San Francisco. Their remake of a "Southern Classic" has somehow stayed under the Internet's "state fair fare" radar until now. Chicken fried in cake. Red velvet cake, actually. UrbanDaddy San Francisco reports:

"At first glance, it’ll look like a heaping plate of leg, thigh and breast. But upon further inspection, you’ll see that the chicken has taken on a slight reddish hue. That’s because your precious fried bird has been pre-soaked in AC’s signature red velvet cake batter, then dredged in toasted, crumbled bits of red velvet cupcake before being dipped in a frying pan. You know, as one does.

And because a regular red velvet cupcake is topped with cream cheese frosting—and in case this thing wasn’t crazy enough—this poultry version is accompanied by a hefty scoop of cream cheese-infused garlic mashed potatoes."

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