Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Apple!!

After 20 years of cross-pollinating, Swiss fruit grower and apple breeder and Markus Kobelt has developed a unique red-skinned, red-fleshed, tomato-lookin' apple called the Redlove. Spokesperson for the seed and sapling company, Suttons (who secured exclusive rights to the fruit trees in Britain), say their apple has "a delicious sweet and tangy taste with a hint of berries to it if eaten raw."

On top of claims that the apple flesh will not brown when sliced and left exposed, the Redlove is said to have a higher antioxidant content.

I guess we'll just have to wait until the Redlove hits American stores next year to find out if the flavor is as dazzling as its appearance. So far, two varieties of Redlove have been produced. The Era, which can be harvested from September and enjoyed until Christmas, and the Sirena, harvested in August and enjoyed until October.


Deborah said...

Thnx for the scoop, B.

Deborah said...

Also, from the UK Daily Mail:

"The new fruit will even keep its colour after being cooked or pressed, producing cider that looks more like cranberry juice – or an unusual looking apple pie."

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becky said...

I think the article says one can order samples from overseas. JS.
And no problem on the tip, from one apple to another.

Deborah said...

All in the LM variety family! ;-)