Thursday, June 10, 2010


A few weeks ago, we heard from a loyal reader and recycler who turned us on (pardon the pun) to a eco-concept we'd yet to discover: Certified Recycled Adult Toys.

Sure, "sexstainability" is a little frisky of a topic for this blog, but after spending some time reading about the company, Scarlet Girl, surveying friends on facebook, and talking with my gal pals, it became clear that a lot of people use adult toys and a lot of plastics are being used to make them. And instead of filling landfills with expired or unwanted toys and their (gasp!) batteries, this particular company offers a $10 dollar store credit for used toys and sends the parts off to a processing plant that sterilizes and breaks down the materials into plastic confetti for future use not only in toys but in lots of other consumer goods (think dishwasher handles).

Apparently this is a big business, folks. And why shouldn't it be? We're talking about plastic materials that come into contact with the most sensitive of human places - likely at higher temperatures than the average bottled water reaches. A BPA-free, reusable water bottle carrying, granola-crunching girlfriend of mine shared her experience: "I've actually heard that adult toys are making green a big deal -- like rechargeable, instead of batteries, and even the materials they are made of -- like no bad plastics, and even the oils/lubes are better for your body. This chick I worked with was throwing a party for her girlfriends. I guess it's the new Tupperware party. The girl that came with all the goods was quite knowledgeable!"

It turns out that several years ago Greenpeace issued a warning about sex toy toxicity explaining the dangers of phthalates AND Treehugger even dedicated a post to sustainable sex one Valentines Day - which means people have been greening the bedroom for years unbeknownst to us!

Lucky for us, the Internet has plenty of suggestions. Here are a few that appear to be tested and true:
Of course the decision to invite tech support into the bedroom is a private one... but like so many topics here on JustSaying, making a sexstainable choice is not only safer for you, but better for the landfill. If you aren't sure about the plastic on your pleasure pistol, send it into a certified program to be recycled into something else and use your credit towards a safer, rechargeable or solar option.

(Thnx, Vicki)


becky said...

omg, lol
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Deborah said...

You're welcome. I know you've been looking for a Green Peen. haha