Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No. No. No.

This just in from a loyal reader: Burger King Fries to Hit Your Grocer's Freezer

The new line of frozen fries includes not only the traditional crinkle-cut variety, but also "healthy" BK Fresh Apple Fries, King Kolossalz extra large fries, and King Wedgez seasoned potato wedges in the fall. From the article:

"...This is on top of a recently launched line of snacks that include ketchup and fries potato chips, crispy onion ring-flavored snacks and crisps that taste like Burger King's famous French toast sticks. Inventure Group has already shown it can successfully bridge the gap between restaurants and grocery stores with its line of TGI Friday's snack foods. As the recession cut into consumer spending, sales dipped at many restaurants as consumers looked to keep down their costs and prepare food themselves. In order to tap into that stream of cash many restaurants have opted to cash in at the grocery store. Take recent offerings of Starbucks ice Cream, bottled drinks and more meant for retail sale outside its coffee shops...."

Is there no place safe from these fast food corporations?!

(Thnx, B)

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