Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stealing or Saving?

An incident was reported near the clover this morning regarding a few stunning, double variety, Sarah Bernhardt, sugar pink peonies. Some call it theft, others call it heroic. Here's the defendent's side of the story:

"Earlier this morning I was walking my little dog along our usual morning route which, during the month of May, includes the block upon which a few homeowners happen to also be peony growers. As usual we stopped to smell the peonies (which are really on the most public part of this particular property) and - gasp - I realized that the thunderstorm last night had taken quite a toll on these fantastic peonies! And even worse, the stems were not attended nor supported so the bulbs were weighed down heavily with rain water. It was criminal really. So I did what any good neighbor would do and proceeded to shake the rain out of the top-heavy flowers and do my best to support the stems with the resources immediately available. Unfortunately, for some flowers it was just too late. The stems had already cracked and split. After a quick survey of the home I determined that this particular house had been vacant for at least twelve hours. Realizing that I was the only person with the courage to take these broken flowers and put them deep in water to live out the rest of their days in comfort in a vase in my house - I ripped the small shred of stem still connected. I couldn't stand to see them suffer like this."

The defendent has asked not to be identified in this story for fear of retaliation.

"What if they were to steal MY peonies, you ask?!? Apples to oranges. Ours are supported, nurtured and reside on the side of the fence that is clearly not community property. Impossible comparison."

Her dog has also asked to be "left out of the whole thing." He apparently refused participation in the events.

"I tried to get [dog] to carry the flowers because I was afraid someone was watching. If they had a camera phone and snapped a shot of [dog] carrying the wounded flowers, folks would think it was cute, 'Awww look at the little mail dog - he has flowers this time - precious' but noooooo he was too busy peeing on trees."

What do y'all think?