Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finale Fare

Fellow LOSTies at CheapHealthyGood are answering the big question surfing the interwebs this week: What should I serve at my LOST Finale party this Sunday?

CHG's answer: "We at CHG aim to please, sweet LOST fans. Here are a few Island entrees, appetizers, and Sayid dishes (say it out loud) for your viewing pleasure. We promise, they won’t make you want to Hurley."

Suggestions range from the oh-so-obvious Shephard’s Pie to a pleasant but ultimately depressing Sun Jin Fizz to unfortunately nutty E-Clairs for dessert. The "punnerific" copy accompanying these dishes falls short of any actual recipes but nonetheless, we at JustSaying appreciate CHG's creativity. Here's a few of our faves:

Miles to Go Before I Dip: At first, you won’t understand the function of this sharp, rather disagreeable onion dip. But it’s served in a bowl where you can see the ghosts of other onion dips, so that’s cool.

Juliomelet: This capable, attractive dish will quickly become your favorite meal, until it’s inexplicably sucked down a mineshaft. Then it will become someone else’s favorite dish on the show right after this one.Readers and fanatics are updating with additional ideas and giggles. Join the fun here.

If you're truly seeking recipes, Robert Irvine did an episode of Dinner Impossible in which he cooked local, sustainable fare for the Oceanic Six and some dudes with cameras who mysteriously landed on the island. Find his recipes for Rabbit Stew, Swordfish Mofongo, Beet Salad and Mussel Salad here.

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