Sunday, January 24, 2010

CU Boulder considers plastic water bottle ban

The University of Colorado at Boulder, ranked by Sierra Magazine as the number one green school in the nation for 2009, plans to build on their accolades this year with some ambitious projects including a possible ban on bottled water.

Still in the early stages, leaders in the sustainability projects on campus are considering the possible cnsequences of such a ban - students opting for less-healthy (and still bottled) soda instead, and
 the scholorship program that benefits from the funds (approximately $280,000 yearly) brought in by vending machines.

Other initiatives on the table for 2010 include:

- Re-using water from sinks and showers to flush toilets
- Discontinued printing mass copies of phone directories
- Solar-powered trash compactors
- Ways to keep students from shaving in the shower (wasting water)
- And switching the schools fleet of hybrid cars to plug-in hybrids

Hopefully the young adults and faculty advisors who are striving for sustainability at CU Boulder will inspire folks at universities nationwide. Learn more here and here.

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Anonymous said...

3 cheers for CU Boulder, like you said, hope this inspires other folks at Universities nationwide. Certainly a good start. LM