Monday, January 25, 2010

Burger King asks: "Would you like a beer with that, sir?"

Just in case hamburger-flavored injections into sh**meat, extremely low prices, clever advertising, and addictive additives don't keep you coming back to the BK, the company has decided to expand their menu to include beer. Swap out the soda in your Whopper combo meal for an "adult beverage" for the bargain price of only $2.00 extra bucks! I wonder if that option will be available in the drive thru? Three cheers for corporate responsibililty! Ugh.

Read more here. (thnx Becky)


Deborah said...

Good conversation about this one on facebook:

Brian: Adding beer to BK's menu is truly a sign of the times. I happen to be a fan of the Double Whopper, but adding beer to the menu is a real turn off... Excess, excess, excess. That's truly what our society is all about.
When I want beer, I go to the liquor store.

Chad: i see nothing wrong with a beer at burger king. The point is to eliminate the need for you to visit the liquor store for your beer. It would be cheaper to get a beer and food at BK compared to going to a bar/restaurant. It's not excess, it is BK trying to compete economically and take customer base from other businesses. It will not necessarily increase beer consumption in general.

Deborah: I suppose the better word is "convenience." Like pizza in a cone :-P

Amy: how does that work? is there a limit? at least, i hope there is, at the drive thru

Deborah: I have no idea. I mean... it's "fast" food so one could asssume a "fast" beer. Wonder if it will come in a to-go cup with a straw...

Brian: - Chad - $4 for a BK beer will not be a sensible alternative to going to the liquor store...

Anonymous said...

why would you think you could get it at the drive thru...... drinking and driving is illegal last time i checked