Saturday, January 9, 2010

Apples to Apples, Pizza to Pollan

Last night, JustSaying had a delicious homemade pizza party in honor of an MP food rule that we found particularly fun: "Eat all of the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself."

We made four fantastical pizzas (with a little help from Trader Joes dough). Four people. Four pizzas. Not kidding. Here's what we learned in the process:

- There is no such thing as too much olive oil or too much fresh buffalo mozzerella, but there is a chance it will get a little messy in the oven.
- If caramelized onions are involved, start that process right away because it takes at least 30 minutes (but it is totall worth it - particularly in combination with pears and gorgonzola).
- Don't put the fixins on the dough until the dough is on the pan or pizza stone.
- 99 cent dough from TJoes goes a long way.
- A little egg on the crust goes a long way.
- The "perfect pancake" maker tube makes a fine rolling pin in a pinch.
- You will burn some of those carbs and calories in the process: fanning smoke away from the detector, rolling dough, slicing, dicing, checking and double checking and triple checking the pizza you worked so hard on, clean up, etc.
- Apples to Apples = fun tiimes in a box.

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Alessandra said...

Umm, why is there not a picture of me...? very hurt :-(