Monday, November 9, 2009

Love: City Harvest

"Rescuing Food for New York's Hungry"

This program has been underway in New York City since a few caring, innovative folks noticed two things back in the early 1980s:  A growing hunger problem in the city -and- Local restaurants discarding perfectly good, unused/uneaten food. They recruited friends, borrowed vehicles, and over the past 25 years have evolved into an the efficient, cost-effective program they are today. From their website:

"...City Harvest has distributed more than 200 million pounds of food to a network of over 600 community food programs throughout New York City. The organization now delivers an average of 71,000 pounds of food daily and more than 25 million pounds this year... Picking up and delivering food the same day keeps costs down and allows us to focus on fresh, perishable foods that are often in short supply at soup kitchens and food pantries. Currently, our cost to deliver a pound of food is just 26 cents, making City Harvest a smart, simple solution to ending hunger in New York City..."


becky said...

I have heard of this program. It's really a great idea!

Deborah said...

LOL I discovered it in an article in a magazine at your house :-)