Sunday, October 18, 2009

"The food you love in a cone"

Readers, meet crispycones, brought to you by chef and food designer Nir Adar, who doesn't think anyone should have to sit down to eat beef stew. Nope. His quest: To make it possible to eat all the foods you love on the go.

"They're incredibly versatile, delicious with fillings from eggs to salads, pizza to deli, stir fry to carnitas, BBQ, stews and even dessert. Any food that's ever been eaten between two slices of bread, in a wrap or on top of pizza can now be enjoyed drip free, anywhere, anytime and on the go with Crispycones."

And I thought go-gurt was the king of convenience...


nir adar said...

thanks for the entry for Crispycones. I find it funny that you "poke" the idea of portability. Isn't hamburger all about carrying your meat with you? aren't burritos about carrying your mexican meal with you? or isn't drinking out of a can rather than a glass wrong?

we should all sit down at our table, eat only from white china pick up the rotary phone and send letters in a nice red, white and blue envelops? Yes the cones are portable like your phone, hamburger, deli sandwich or granola bar. They are also great way to limit the amount of food intake since you can't "over fill" them or "supper size" them.

The cones will soon join the bagels, pannini bread, wraps and sliced bread and will enable us to eat the food we love in a cone (rather than in a pita)

Deborah said...

I've got to tell you, when I was writing this post I thought of quite a few people who I know will say to me via comment or in person that they look forward to the availability of these cones. Food on the go is a huge industry in America. And for all my preaching, I am guilty of going for the convenient choice now and then myself. I just worry that the cones won't be treated as a nice, portion controlled meal, but rather a calorie filled snack that will contribute to obesity, heart disease and so forth.

I hope I am wrong. I hope that the cones have a higher nutritional value than say white bread. That they offer a healthier alternative than a taco or burger on the go.

Of course we can't all sit down to a fancy meal every night. I simply hate seeing food become less and less like food, you know? And seeing it eaten on the go. Cooking dinner for friends and family is such a wonderful experience and the cheaper and easier it is to dine out and drive through, the father and farther American families move away from that.

Anywho, I do admire your innovation and the research and trials that went into these cones. Please keep me informed about when they hit restaurants so that I can try one and if you'd like, email me at to discuss further. Maybe I can do a post about the healthiest crispycone option.

Deborah said...

One other thing, Mr. Adar. You are an artist, chef and food designer. You make food beautiful and enjoyable on so many levels. You've dedicated a huge portion of your life to such a passionate career.

So why shove it in a cone? :-(

becky said...

these look delicious....hoefully a little better quality then there distant cousin, those meat/bread sticks served at 7-11