Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bill Maher "What happened to my meat question?!"

This clip comes from a particularly great Real Time episode with a panel including Thomas L. Friedman and Marcy Kaptur and guests Richard Dawkins and Lisa Jackson. I am posting it for three reasons. 1) It brought to my attention the traces of pharmaceuticals that are showing up in our water system - which raises questions about how equipped our current filtration system is (something that has not yet been discussed here on JustSaying). 2) It boggles my mind how dismissive Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, was about the environmental impact of the meat industry. And 3) It reinforces the importance of my decision to add Bill Maher to my "dream dinner party" guest list.


Amy said...

How about we ask the question: why are 'we' consuming so many pharmaceuticals? Isn't that the root of the issue?

If people are becoming vegetarian or going organic to help combat the meat industry's effect on the planet; why are we not also looking at organically solving other health issues?

I agree, Bill Maher is welcome at my dinner table ANY TIME!

Deborah said...

Excellent point. I agree.