Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love her!

Check out some snapshots of Michelle O. harvesting veggies from the White House garden via The Huffington Post. From the accompanying article:

...White House Associate chef Sam Kass said no chemicals--fertilizer or herbicide-- had been used on the garden, but that the underlying White House soil had been "amended" with crab meal from the Chesapeake Bay, green sand compost and lime powder. Kass said that the only problem he had noticed is that "something is nibbling a little bit on the kale." But Kass also said the garden "is not "certified organic."

Kass said that there has been one big weeding once a week and that he and a pastry chef along with "volunteers" from the White House had done the weeding. The garden was cleaner of weeds than the area under the nearby trees.

Kass also said that the White House has begun offering tours of the garden to school children and plans to have the school tours about twice a week.

Kass said he has taken 90 pounds of produce from the garden, including broccoli and green beans and "one beautiful eggplant." He also said he has harvested herbs "every night" and they are not included in the 90 pounds.

Some has been used at the White House and some has been donated to Miriam's Kitchen...

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