Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good news

Tara Parker-Pope, for the NY Times, recently reported that American children seem to be shifting towards healthier menu choices. While burgers and fries unfortunately remain top sellers to the 13 and under crowd, it seems that the healthier options on fast food menus do in fact follow the corporate motto of "giving people what they want." From Parker-Pope's post:

...The findings, based on survey data by the Chicago market research firm NPD Group, follow a report last year that childhood obesity appears to have hit a plateau after rising for more than two decades. That finding, reported by The Journal of the American Medical Association, has been greeted with guarded optimism, and it remains unclear whether efforts to limit junk food and increase physical activity in schools have had a meaningful effect on the way children eat...

...Among the losers in the year ending March 31 were colas (down 10 percent), chicken nuggets and strips (8 percent), French fries (7 percent) and hot dogs (6 percent). Winners included soup (29 percent), grilled chicken sandwiches (26 percent), yogurt (21 percent), carrots (9 percent) and fruit (6 percent).

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Becky said...

That is good news!