Thursday, June 18, 2009

Toxic fireworks?

Consider where they are coming from. If they were made in China, the EPA is concerned about a toxic chemical, perchlorate (found in the cheap imports), seeping into our drinking water and hindering the thyroid's production of growth hormones in pregnant women and children. Luckily, chemists Mike Hiskey and Darren Naud have been working on friendlier fire. Too bad there aren't any laws regulating perchlorate just yet.


becky said... nothing safe.

lol at the irony, of course fireworks aren't safe :)

Deborah said...

The report I read talked about the discarded "duds" being the worst offenders and all I could picture was Dad's trunk filled with all shapes and sizes and multiples of each because some could be duds. lol.

Anonymous said...

If fireworks are toxic why aren't the chineese sick and still got lots of kids.