Sunday, May 17, 2009


First off, special thanks to Baltimore Greenworks, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Lorenz Inc, the Living Classrooms Foundation and the Enoch Pratt Library for hosting Michael Pollan at the Sustainable Speaker Series last night. It was incredible. Secondly, I have so much to blog about this upcoming week!!

MP discussed the sustainability of grass-finished beef (which is seasonal, by the way), progress but not perfection in school lunch programs, the absolutely awesome Slow Food movement, new urban agriculture projects underway nationwide, and most importantly, the need to continue this great momentum and collectively reform the American food system not just for moral and ethical reasons, but for the environment as well. Stay tuned to JustSaying this week for more on these topics, details about the event, the latest book, and some great MP quotes. And check 'em out on The Colbert Report (promoting In Defense of Food):

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Niko said...

It sounds like the seminar will bring about some great points on sustainable living, which has me looking forward to the next week of blogs on here :)I do have a question about "grass-finished beef" what exactly is that?

Deborah said...

I'll get into it more in a future post, but quickly: All cattle graze (grass) for the first six to eight months of their lives then most switch to corn which, as you know, is a terrible drain on lots of things and not the natural diet for these animals. Grass-finished beef means that the animals were grass-fed their entire lives. Often times, corn or whatever will be fed in the latter parts of their lives to sweeten or add marble to the meat. Basically, grass-finished is good and natural for the animal and environment and a lot closer to wild game than the majority of meat distributed.

Becky said...

Great picture! Sounds like you had a really good time. I, too, look forward to blog posts.

Niko said...

Thanks for the explaination on the grass-finished Cattle. Although i think you are absolutely correct that many farms do that, i must add, where i am currently, the cattle here graze their entire lives out in a pasture with hundreds of acres to roam freely. Maybe smaller areas for grazing turn to this corn replacement meal? So with open land at farmers disposal here; i may want to grab a steak :) its more than likely grass feed!

jeanie dramby said...

I guess you can stick with the m&m's and cheetos on the wkend! It must have been neat meeting MP in person.