Sunday, April 19, 2009

I often tell people that eliminating meat from a few meals a week and purchasing a reusable water bottle are two of the simplest and best, eco-friendly decisions they can make. Without fail, I am quickly asked, "What's so bad about bottled water?" and then challenged with a question about the environmental cost of manufacturing my reusable bottle (or the "gas guzzler" within which it often resides). The answer: It's complicated.

In fact, questions such as these are the main reason Just Saying got started in the first place. This stuff is just too complicated to recite during dinner conversation. So thankfully, I can simply post the graphic above, tell you to click on it for a larger, more legible version, or refer you to this NY Times post by Daniel Goleman and Gregory Norris.

As for the "gas guzzler," well, let's just say I'm looking to trade it in.


Filatore said...

Here's what I find interesting: the graphic above is obviously the product of some serious investigative work. But in #5, they write, "disposal probably comes the day you lose the top." Really? Why not just buy a new lid? Every store I've ever been in that sells SS water bottles usually has a suply of replacement lids as well--for example, a replacement lid for my SIGG water bottle costs $4.99.

I'd call this the difference between sitting behind a desk and composing an article vs actually going into a store and interacting with real-live human beings.

Other than's good.

Deborah said...

LOL I think that is an accurate observation however I had a hell of a time finding a replacement top for my sigg. Just saying. Maybe these dues shop in the same places I was looking?

Maybe they meant the collective you, as in, the you who is still balancing their water consumption between bottled and tap and generally opting fo rht emost convenient?