Wednesday, March 18, 2009

point the pin right here, folks

If you know me at all, it will come as no surprise to you that while I feel some measure of guilt about my unsustainable dessert choices, I will never walk away from a cupcake or whoopie pie eating challenge (at least not without a terrible stomach ache). You will also know that once I grow fond of something it becomes a national sensation, the most obvious example clearly being the phrase: Just Saying. Not "I'm just saying," but simply "Just saying." You've got to drop the "I'm." Two words. Just saying.

Why am I reminding y'all of things you already know, you ask? Because there is a certain brother-in-law of mine who doubts my trendsetting capabilities and for that reason, I would like to direct you all (especially him) to the following article in today's NY Times:

Whoopie! Cookie, Pie or Cake, It's Having Its Moment
Published: March 18, 2009
The classic snacks are migrating across the country, often appearing in the same specialty shops and grocery aisles that recently made room for cupcakes.

Perhaps the most pertinent excerpt from the article:

"Whoopie pies have been on the rise for several years, and nobody can pinpoint the reason they finally broke into the national consciousness."

Right here, folks. Right here. I ate four of them in a single afternoon less than two weeks ago. I should also say, aside from confirming my trendsetter status, the article offers a brief history of the mysterious dessert and will leave you wishing for a 16 inch pie from Labadie’s Bakery.


Deborah said...

That's right... I'm commenting on my own blog because I am too lazy to go in and update this post right now. Just had to point this out:

Niko said...

I am willing to bet that you can not eat a 16 inch whoopy pie, well i take that back i have seen what can happen to a decent amount of ice cream in a short time frame. lol

Filatore said...

I'm really glad that I found this blog before it became wildly popular. Just think, in a short period of time (days?weeks?) there will be so many visitors that I won't even be able to access the site!

I knew this mennonite girl many years ago and I loooooooved her Whoopie Pie...

Becky said...

As stated before, your power is great. I can't wait to see what you make popular next :)

Deborah said...

Well, like I always say, with great power comes great responsibility. I bet that phrase becomes nationally known now too!