Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovin' Michelle's Message!

Within her first weeks at the White House, Michelle Obama is gladly becoming the first lady of healthy, sustainable living. Not only is she encouraging fresh, local choices for her own family and publicizing that fact, she is urging Americans to bring fresh produce to those in need.

The NY Times reports:

“You know, we want to make sure our guests here and across the nation are eating nutritious items,” said Mrs. Obama, who served lunch to several homeless men and women and delivered eight cases of fresh fruit to the soup kitchen, all donated by White House employees.

“Collect some fruits and vegetables; bring by some good healthy food,” she said. “We can provide this kind of healthy food for communities across the country, and we can do it by each of us lending a hand.”

In her first weeks in the White House, Mrs. Obama has emerged as a champion of healthy food and healthy living. She has praised community vegetable gardens, opened up her own kitchen to show off the White House chefs’ prowess with vegetables and told stories about feeding less fattening foods to her daughters.

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