Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fun read

Catherine Price wrote a cute article for Slate about how to handle the abundance of produce dropped off by her local CSA each week. Instead of letting the parsley, cabbage, kale, squash and bok choy slowly wilt away in the fridge, she challenges Mark Bittman to a game of "vegetable free association." Aside from wrongfully lumping bok choy and kale into the "problematic vegetable" category, Price does a fine job capturing that guilty pang of produce-gone-uneaten and Bittman offers his classic expertise. As for the bok choy image above: it's completely unrelated but pretty darn cool if you ask me.


Filatore said...

I can relate. We've had a bag of kale in our fridge for weeks, and I swear it's multiplying. We eat on it almost everyday, but I had to get a bigger bag and split it in half because it's gotten so big.

Deborah said...

lol. I treat it like lettuce mainly but not everyone likes it plain and raw like that.