Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fridge-Free Living

This seems to be one of the more extreme measures members of the uber-energy-efficient camp can take. After reading this article in the NY Times though, I got to thinking... how important is my refrigerator to me? Like one of the women mentioned in the article, it mostly comes down to dairy. Yogurt, soy milk, feta, and gorgonzola are regular parts of my daily diet. So is ice cream - although I hate to admit it. Do I need a whole entire fridge for those items though? I mean, sure there is some juice in there now and then and it's nice that I can keep fresh veggies crisp for more than a week. There's some condiments that have collected over the past few months and probably a container of leftovers but truth be told, I could probably get by with a mini fridge. I suppose, once again, ignorance was bliss.

What do you think? Are these folks taking it too far or are they pioneers in rethinking energy consumption?

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becky said...

we could not function without a fridge :)