Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a very merry un-birthday... to squirrels! to squirrels!

Since I was born, on this day 27 years ago, my mother has made it a point to keep everything equal between me and my sister. Equal number of jelly beans in our Easter baskets, presents under the tree, knick-knacks in our stockings, and the most celebrated reminder that mom loves us equally: the un-birthday. While my sis celebrated her b-day with friends, gifts and crafts, my mom would get my attention and give me a special surprise of my own (and of course do the same for my sis on my b-day). She still does it today. We all do actually. And this year, in light of the acorn shortage, I decided to wish the local squirrels a very merry un-birthday... with nuts! gourmet nuts!


becky said...

un-birthdays rule!

blog admin. said...

I know! I can't imagine life without un-birthday celebrations! haha